Dependency Parsing

Our dependency parser uses a transition-based, non-projective parsing algorithm showing a linear-time speed for both projective and non-projective parsing. It processes over 14K tokens per second on an Intel Xeon 2.30GHz machine, and shows the near state-of-the-art accuracy for greedy parsing (92.26% on the WSJ corpus).

English Labels

Label Description Version
acl Clausal modifier of noun 1.0.0
acomp Adjectival complement 1.0.0
advcl Adverbial clause modifier 1.0.0
advmod Adverbial modifier 1.0.0
agent Agent (passive) 1.0.0
appos Appositional modifier 1.0.0
attr Attribute 1.0.0
aux Auxiliary verb 1.0.0
auxpass Auxiliary verb (passive) 1.0.0
case Case marker 1.0.0
cc Coordinating conjunction 1.0.0
ccomp Clausal complement 1.0.0
compound Compound word 1.0.0
conj Conjunct 1.0.0
csubj Clausal subject 1.0.0
csubjpass Clausal subject (passive) 1.0.0
dative Dative 1.0.0
dep Unclassified dependent 1.0.0
det Determiner 1.0.0
discourse Discourse element 1.0.0
dobj Direct Object 1.0.0
expl Expletive 1.0.0
mark Marker 1.0.0
meta Meta data 1.0.0
neg Negation modifier 1.0.0
nmod Modifier of nominal 1.0.0
npadvmod Noun phrase as adverbial modifier 1.0.0
nsubj Nominal subject 1.0.0
nsubjpass Nominal subject (passive) 1.0.0
oprd Object predicate 1.0.0
parataxis Parataxis 1.0.0
pcomp Preposition complement 1.0.0
pobj Preposition object 1.0.0
poss Possession modifier 1.0.0
preconj Precorrelative conjunction 1.0.0
predet Predeterminer 1.0.0
prep Prepositional modifier 1.0.0
prt Verb particle 1.0.0
punct Punctuation 1.0.0
qmod Modifier of quantifier 1.0.0
relcl Relative clause modifier 1.0.0
root Root 1.0.0
vocative Vocative modifier 1.0.0
xcomp Open clausal complement 1.0.0